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The  Gotop  GT-1613-SKRis a complete
GPS engine module that features super
sensitivity, ultra low power and small form
factor. The GPS signal is applied to the
antenna  input of module, and a complete
serial data message with position, velocity
and time information is presented at the
serial interface with NMEA protocol or cus
tom protocol.
Its  –165dBm tracking sensitivity extends
positioningcoverage into place like urban
canyons and dense foliage environment w
here the GPS was not possible before. T
he small form factor and low power cons
umption make the module easy to integra
te into portable device like PNDs, mobile
phones, cameras and vehicle navigation s
  LBS (Location Based Service)
  PND (Portable Navigation Device)
  Vehicle navigation system
  Mobile phone
Figure 1: GT-1613-SKRTop View
  Build  on high performance, low-power
SKYTRAQ  chipset
  Ultra high sensitivity:  -165dBm
  Extremely fast TTFFat low signal level
  Built in high gain LNA
  Low  power consumption:Max  40mA@3.
  NMEA-0183  compliant  protocol or cust
om protocol
  Operating voltage: 2.75V  to  3.6V
  Operating temperature range:-40to85℃
  SMD type with stamp holes
  Small form factor: 15.9x13.1x2.6mm
  RoHS compliant (Lead-free)
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