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The  Gotop  GUM-5546-MTBDMU15is
a complete GPS/BeiDou engine module t
hat features super sensitivity, ultra low po
wer and small form factor. The GPS/BeiD
ou signal is applied to the antenna input
of module, and a complete serial data me
ssage with position, velocity and time info
rmation is presented at the serial interfac
e with NMEA protocol or custom protocol.
I ts  –165dBm tracking sensitivity exten
ds positioning coverage into place like ur
ban canyons and dense foliage environm
ent where the  GPS/BeiDou was not possi
ble before. The small form factor and low
power consumption make the module ea
sy to integrate into portable device like P
NDs, mobile phones, cameras and vehicle
navigation systems.
  Build on high performance, low-power
  Ultra high sensitivity:  -165dBm
  Extremely fast TTFFat low signal level
  Built in high gain LNA
  Lowpowerconsumption:Max20mA@5.0V
  NMEA-0183 compliant protocol or cust
om protocol
  Operating voltage:  5.0V--5.5V
  Operating temperature range:-40to85℃
  Baud Rate: 4800bps; Datum:WGS-84
  Patch Antenna Size:25(w)mmX25(d)m
  Small form factor: 55x46x10mm
  Line long:1.5M
  RoHS compliant (Lead-free)
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